Illinois Beach Resort Wedding; Zion IL Wedding Photographer

June 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

Driving down the exclusive path leading to Illinois Beach Resort was like traveling to a whole different state.  The air actually felt more refreshing and cooler as I approached the hotel.  Seeing a thin layer of sand on the parking lot steps made me ask myself if I am really still at Zion IL.  I had no idea this hidden paradise existed and vowed to take my family here for a weekend in the near future.  

Meagan and Randy's wedding was everything a beach wedding should be.  We were lucky to have had beautiful weather with just a touched of breeze. The ceremony and reception site was gorgeously decorated with lantern pieces from Haymond Centerpiece .  Did I mention that the reception room was wrapped by wall to wall glass windows overlooking the water? The windows provided us with a wonderful blue backdrop to the first dance after the sunset.  A word of advice to future brides who is planning a beach wedding.  Try to have your ceremony toward the end of the day like Meagan and Randy did.  The closer you have the ceremony to sunset the more flattering the light will be.  Although we did have some very strong light during the beginning of the ceremony but at least it was late afternoon directional light.  If they had their ceremony toward middle of the day then the shadows on their faces will be much more harsh and unflattering.  Beach weddings do provide more challenges for photographer so make sure you discuss the setting in depth with your wedding photographer.  



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These are absolutely perfect. Love the one with the veil. Great pics
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